Dignity Can't Wait

Fully funding home care for one year is a good start. But it’s not good enough. We need a commitment from our elected California legislators in this years budget to provide the care that. When the state chose to cut care for hundreds of thousands of at risk Californians during the great recession, it was made across the board without regard to the professional evaluations of need that were made in each and every case.

Home care workers provide care that is life-saving and essential. Leaving people without a guarantee that it will be 100% there for them when they need it is unconscionable. We can afford to restore it.

  • IHSS workers care for the elderly and disabled – the people most in need. These are our children, our parents and grandparents.
  • Caregivers and the people we care for deserve better than to have home care constantly disrupted, taken away, or put on the chopping block.
  • It’s past time for California to recognize the dignity of our profession and the inherent worth of every life. We can start by restoring the 7% permanently.
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